Avoid side shadows with the Reporter Flash Ring

Camera with Ring

Key Features

  • Fits any SLR photo camera with the tripod mounting hole centered to the lens (cameras without a vertical grip will require the RFR105 Universal Mounting Adapter)
  • Designed to accept any common off-camera TTL cord adapter
  • The ring's diameter is big enough to provide room for the largest lenses used by event photographers and small enough not to restrict any camera operations
  • Unique slider mechanism provides two self-locking flash positions 90° apart
  • Precision machined, rigid, all aluminum construction adds only 9oz to the camera's weight
  • Cork-padded bracket mounts to the camera with a 1/4-20 retaining screw (supplied)
  • Tripod ready
  • Camera with mounted unit can rest on a flat surface when not in use
  • Does not restrict access to the lens locking mechanism used for swapping lenses
  • The ring's position can be adjusted 3/4" front-to-back to allow access to controls on various lens types

Reporter Flash Ring

PaypalThe Reporter Flash Ring is a new tool that allows reporters and event photographers to rotate any flash around a camera's optical axes. It keeps the flash above the lens in either horizontal or vertical camera positions. The bracket will not restrict your hand's access to the vertical grip or vertical shutter release button when the camera is in the "portrait" position. The flash is mounted on a slider which is designed for high stability and effortless swing of the flash with one hand. No locking or unlocking is required to secure the flash in either position. The unit is light and compact so it can be kept attached to the camera at all times.

Available for rent at:
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