RFR105 Universal Mounting Adapter for cameras without vertical grip

The RFR105 adapter is designed for photographers who want to use the Reporter Flash Ring on cameras not equipped with a vertical grip. With this adapter, the Reporter Flash Ring can be mounted on any SLR camera which has its tripod mounting hole centered to the lens.
View detailed adapter mounting instructions (PDF, 151KB).

Battery compartment


On some cameras (e.g. Canon Rebel XTi) the battery compartment is located too close to the tripod mounting socket. In such cases, the RFR105 adapter will block the compartment door making it impossible to replace the battery without removing the adapter. A minimum 1½" (38mm) space between the mounting socket and the battery compartment door is required in order to open the battery cover without un-mounting the camera.

Camera without vertical grip with RFR105 universal mounting adapter attached 3/4 inch bracket to camera position adjustment